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Tuesday, October 12, 2004
Call Centers India take note – E-Sourcing Capability Model to enhance Productivity!
Date: 12th October 2004

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have scientifically developed a new capability model that could help Call Center Operators to improve Sourcing Relationships. Around 13 pilot projects have already been implemented worldwide of this framework called E-Sourcing Capability Model for Call Center Operations (eSCM-SP), most of them in India.Some of the major Clients for this include, Satyam Computer Services’, Nipuna and Accenture’s Call Center Operations. Many other Call Centers are expected to follow in hot pursuit and adopt this by the end of this year.

The new model has been developed by the Renowned University’s IT Services Qualification Centre (ITSQC). ITSQC builds capability models and qualification methods to improve
Call Center Sourcing relationships for global IT-enabled sourcing transactions. Some of the other major Clients include Leading international corporate, government and academic entities who have joined ITsqc researchers in the development of this new capability model.
Carnegie Mellon is a Well-known Research university with a mix of programmes in computer science, robotics, engineering, the sciences and Business. It has contributed to the development and use of other successful quality standards, such as CMMI, SW-CMM, and People CMM.
Dr Hefley, who led the team of researchers in developing this model, informed “Good sourcing outcomes require that best practices be followed by both Call Center Operators and clients. So far, in India, it was low-cost of work that was attracting off shoring from overseas markets. However, with the grim scenario of increasingly job losses in developed markets, especially the US market, Indian service providers will need to adopt best practices for continuous improvement.”
According to Dr Hefley, the eSCM-SP includes 84 best practices that the ITSQC has identified as being associated with successful Call Center Sourcing relationships.
It is expected that the model will be adopted both by Call Center Operators to assess and improve their current capabilities and by Client Organisations to understand the capabilities of prospective and current service providers. ITSQC has now authorised Underwriters Laboratories, Inc, to evaluate organisations that are adopting the university’s eSCM-SP.
Dr. Hefley pointed out that with the eSCM, the ITSQC has been the only programme focused on the entire sourcing lifecycle that certifies the capability of Call Center Operators as well as clients, who wish to measure the Effectiveness of their Call Center Operations.


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