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Monday, September 22, 2003

About call centers in India

Call centers in India are on upsurge as US and European market is constantly seeking economical services in their drive to reduce cost of operating their business. This has opened fortunes for service vendors who have tapped the burgeoning contact center from west especially USA. Outsourcing to India registered almost 60% jump in the last fiscal. Since professionals in India are good at English and are backed by the concrete Info Tech infrastructure in the country – choosing profession as a call center executive is luring new breed of fresh graduates.

Call Centers in India have shown advantage over their counterparts from US due to some peculiar reasons. Professionals in Indian Call Centers constitutes of youngsters when compared to European and US experts. Eager to learn they are more energetic and dedicated than the professionals from those countries. This gives a distinctive advantage to them for providing better advantage while working at Call Centers.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Call-center jobs records phenomenal growth, reveals Monster

A report issued by Monster – the recruitment giant from Massachusetts clearly indicates the growth of the call-center jobs around and the seekers motivation to land up on such a job. The category of call center jobs posting in the Minneapolis terrain was the highest with 22% pushing aside sales related jobs (16%). In the top resume categories posted the call-center jobs came only second to IT.

While the US corporate sector is able to generate call-center jobs in abundance – India is their true caterer in case the companies are looking to go offshore.

Call-centers in India are making tremendous impact on the corporate pushover that US is facing at the moment. In a drive to slash operational costs – outsourcing of jobs as call-center facility are shipped to low-cost country as India. But at the same moment India us is delivering excellent services to their US and Euro clients.
Saturday, September 13, 2003

Inspiring growth for Indian call center segment

A towering growth is registered in spending on call-center in US – where approximately 118% growth is posted between 1998 and now. The sublime growth in call-centers in India is the direct result of the parallel growth in the US corporate market. As the Indian call-center market continues to provide economical framework – more and more US companies are shifting their bases to India and such countries.

Call Centers in India provide a highly developed ground for Multinational Corporations by the virtue of highly skilled workforce - and add to it - a very vibrant IT infrastructure. And definitely all this can be achieved at a very low cost in comparison to US or Europe. The result is nothing magical. Majority of western companies prefer to shift their call-center to India following the tread of several companies.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Call centers in Europe emphasizing over soft skill training

There is no dearth over the fact that India will remain as prime market for global call centers. With majority of business coming from UK and the US – India will command over majority of contact-center operations for global clientele. But as the requirements are growing up so does the technology. More and call centers in India are focusing on training modules not only for newcomers but also for experienced people.

As the corporate needs increases – there is an increased pressure over the employees to generate productivity and a wider remit of tasks handled in the call center. While call centers in India are putting emphasis on training for voice-module and technical vibrancy, European call-centers are laying stress on the soft skills of call centers. Making the sale effectively and calming angry clients are taking 43% of training time in Europe. This is a micro-level approach and sure to deliver some great results. Time that call-centers in India take some lessons.
Sunday, September 07, 2003

Indian call-centers on high growth

The rising growth of the call centers in India is part of the lucrative offshore migration by the US corporate sector. NASSCOM the nodal body of software and services companies in India has touted the industry to be worth $142 billion by 2008 denoting the existing market status. Call-centers in India under the current service spectrum are amongst the cheapest market for such services.

Professionals in the Call Centers in India have come at par with the service requirements of the international standards. It comes as a surprise to know that India has the second largest English population next only to US. Add to it, the Information Technology structure in India is already strong enough giving Indian call bound professional a perfect edge for the international market.
Thursday, September 04, 2003

Specialized service sector blossoms in India

India has been rated top-most destination for outsourcing business by the business magazine Forbes. The Indian prospect in outsourcing is largely supported by the growth of call centers mushrooming as in fresh monsoons. Several major corporate players have found cost-effective outsourcing market in India and they have pounced on the opportunity like hot cakes. Microsoft, DELL, American Express, Oracle and numerous others have their back-office operations in India. Majority of call center in India serves major clientele from west and is able to provide effective in all prospect. So far as information technology is concerned, India specializes in IT services, call centers, business back office operations but China has become a key center for hardware design and manufacturing of several major corporations of late.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Ruling GOP setup call-center in India for fund raising

Surprising but real – GOP - the Grand Old Party (Republican) has setup a call-center in India to raise money for the party and President Bush. Business Standard – the Indian newspaper has reported that the Republican Party has made the move keeping in view the 2004 general election. The call-center in India would try raising funds for the President Bush’s re-attempt for President. The deal was grabbed by HCL e-serve – a BPO arm of HCL Technologies.

Call Center industry in India will get a certain boost from the move made by the ruling US party. The newspaper also reported that GOP’s call center in India is for "a high degree of automation, to limit human intervention". GOP thus joins the bandwagon of the ever-increasing pool of companies engaged in outsourcing business services from India.

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