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Thursday, July 31, 2003
IGate acquires Call Center stakes in an Indian firm

Pittsburgh based IGate Global Solutions Limited has announced the acquirement of 51% stake in Quintant Services Limited, a call center service providing firm from Bangalore. The deal pegged at $ 18.8 million would enable IGate Global to add to its capacity to provide call center and software services to several of its clients. The deal marks the upward trend - the Call Center industry in India is going through.

Call centers in India are amongst the cheapest market for the clients based in US and Europe. But Indian Call Center offers value-added services at a very nominal cost that lets US firms to deduct major operational cost. Outsourcing business services is the call of the hour. Within next two years 19% of the US firms will be looking to outsource their business. Top 1000 firms from Europe will also consider outsourcing to India in another two years time.
Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Indian Call Center to bulid servicing standards

The Call Center industry in India blossomed no sooner when the onset of western firms tapped the high potential of the Indian Call Center professionals. It actually came to surprise to many in US let alone be in Europe, Asia, Europe, Australia or anywhere. The Indian Call Center industry proved its worth by providing quality assured services with sound technical back-up – all this at a very low cost.

As the Call Center industry in India grew the service pattern also required to upraise its existing status. It is felt that Indian Call Center are lacking in process management. In reality it is not lacking but just a little vacuum that needs to be filled by adopting technical resources that enhances productivity and saves time. Call Centers in India should be adapting advanced servicing tool that saves lot of time, energy and of course money. It’s time Call Centers in India takes a larger step ahead.

Saturday, July 26, 2003
Call center in India marginalize cost

Companies worldwide are building strategies to cut operational cost for their call center services. The most recent trend is to simply – yet cohesively – go offshore and find low-cost bases. Call Centers in India are relatively very economical and gives an opportunity to western corporate firms enough space to marginalize their contact service cost. As a result the Call center industry in India is growing manifolds.

The Indian offshoring phenomenon continues to thrive courtesy to the world-class quality that outsourcers are able to source from here. This is in large part to the profile of employees that a call center in India manages to attract. As the Call Center industry in India is relatively very new – the adrenaline rush within the employees to excel assures that their benefactors in west gets only the best quality.

Friday, July 25, 2003
Call Center grow more than 300% by 2008

The Call Centers in India will mark a tremendous growth during some years to come. Several researches, surveys and reports clearly indicate that the Call Center realm in India is simply because of high quality at low cost. Also the call center service market is well set to grow more than 300% within next five years. According to consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan the market will expand from $237.7 million in 2002 to $753.7 million in 2008.

There are around 54,000 news jobs to be created because of the Business Process Outsourcing growth in India in six months time. This will be major growth as majority of these jobs will be for contact service centers. This in itself indicates the high growth of call centers in India.
Thursday, July 24, 2003
India will be the prime service provider in Asia Pacific in 1 year

Call Center industry in India got a major boost with the announcement of venture capitalist Sequoia Capital opened plans to invest $22 million into 24x7 Customer, a Call Center in India. Based at Silicon Valley, Sequoia Capital has funded major firms like Cisco, Oracle as well as Yahoo. The fund will help 24x7 making major turnovers that may even include acquisition of another BPO firm.

Call Centers in India - ever since came into Indian economic sector - have become a major benefactor of young students eager to make a mark and start a career. The number of call-center jobs in India is expected to expand by more than two-thirds to 158,000 over the next one year. India is set to overtake Australia within a year to become the prime offshore outsourcing service provider in the Asia-Pacific region.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Call Centers in India will grow predominantly

Only recently the New Jersey bill to ban outsourcing to India went to the dustbin, when a court ruled against the bill. It was difficult for any bench of court to make ruling in favors – that would hinder the corporate sector meaning the loss to the countries economy. Outsourcing services like Call Centers in India has predominantly been growing and will continue to grow. The value-based services that India is able to provide to US firms ensures that Call Center services sector in India see no backdrop because of some bill that may be the result of some political conspiracy.

Call Centers in India have been growing mainly because Indian employees ask for lesser salaries but also because India has an edge in quality. Why not US firms look for Call Center professionals in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam or the very cheap labor market of African continent. Simply because they are unable to provide what Indians can and that make India as preferred destination for Call Center services.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003
158,000 Call Center professionals expected in 12 months

The Call Center industry in India is on a rapid boom. According to an Australian research agency the Call-Center jobs in India are expected to expand by more than two-thirds to 158,000 in another one year. That will make India the largest Call Center service provider in Asia Pacific overtaking Australia.

The advantage of opening a call center in India is undoubtedly – cost cutting. Estimates and studies reveal that by outsourcing service to India – US and British firms trims their operational cost by upto 10 times. It is no surprise that British Airways, Aviva, Prudential and most recently TESCO are amongst the major United Kingdom corporate firms moving part of their business service – including call center to India.

Call Center in India has been grooming well with the availability of good English speaking professional. Most of these comprises of young college graduates from metro cities of the country. They have good command over English and can generate US and British accent with little effort. Boosted by the strength of the Information and Technology services that India already pioneers.

Monday, July 21, 2003
US insurance giant Inc., certified in India

Atlanta, Georgia based Inc., has been accorded ISO 9001:2000 certificate by the Indian government for its Call Center and software development firms in India. Inc., have its Call Center in India as well as software development center and after it’s reviewing the companies’ model and infrastructure the certificate was issued them. This was a concrete step for the companies’ progress within India Call Center market as ISO certificate provides recognition and reliability within the market. is the only e-commerce portal for insurance on the internet.

Another major move within the Call Center industry in India came when Britain’s foremost supermarket chain TESCO proclaimed few days ago of opening a Call Center in Bangalore, India. Starting with 350 people, the company will increase its recruitment to 1000 people within one year. Already several UK firms had opened their Call Centers in India. TESCO has joined the league along with companies Aviva, Prudential Insurance, British Airways etc.

Call Center in India have grown along with several BPO services. There is a massive by offshoring service facilities in India. Prudential alone intends to save more than $25 million dollars through outsourcing to India.

Saturday, July 19, 2003
American firms eagerly outsourcing Call Center operations in India

Oracle unveiled plans last year to hire 2,000 engineers in Bangalore and Hyderabad, India, an Oracle executive said the company sold more Call Center software in India than in the rest of Asia-Pacific combined. Many American firms have outsourced Call Center operations to Indian companies in a similar effort to cut costs, so it's logical that India is a growing market for such software. SAP and Oracle both compete in the Call Center software market.

Growth within the Call Center industry in India has- thus – attracted many corporate firms to shift contact centers to India. Miami-based Epixtar Corporation said it plans to build a $5.3 million, 1,000-seat Call Center in India with operations poised to begin in by the end of 2003.

Indian Call Centers provide cheap English-speaking workers and high-speed telecom facility to provide customer service for corporate firms around the globe. It’s advantageous for youngsters looking for employment, which in recent past has struggled with economical backdrop and unemployment.

Friday, July 18, 2003
Indian Government proposes for Call Center operations

As the Call-Center in India is rapidly up-surging - even the Indian government is eager to take advantage of the manner of service. In a meeting headed by Finance Minister of India Jaswant Singh, the Custom, Excise and Service departments in India have recommended to open Call Centers in order to handle queries related to trade and industry.

Overseas there has emerged an urgency to outsource services to the countries offering economical workforce. The largest insurance company in UK, Aviva have decided to slack almost 900 jobs from their operations in UK. Many of the analysts have predicted that the move will benefit the companies’ Call Center in India. In February the company had announced to start their Call Center operations from India creating atleast 400 jobs.

Outsourcing services to India have been massively growing over past few months. The industry have been registering massive rise in the contact service sector as India is set to capture 66% of the total offshore services – set to be outbound by the western corporate firms.

Thursday, July 17, 2003
Quality Uplifts Indian Call Center Industry

The Call Center professionals in India are able to provide quality voice assurance – as more and more companies from the west are installing their Call Centers operations in India. The Indian market makes buzz almost everyday with the establishment or expansion of some Call Center or the other. Mega corporate giants have shown immense pleasure of outsourcing their business to India. The New Jersey Bill was overlooked and the outsourcing to India blossomed.

UK-based Harbor Picture has already planned a spoof on the Indian Call Center industry. The Customer Support Executive (CSE) acts as the native residents while making calls to the customers in US or UK or any other part of the world. For this they have to sport some imaginative name depicting to be a westerner. Nigel Cole is likely to direct the movie – the name of which is not yet decided.

Call Centers in India must be thriving due to some specific reason. It’s cost-effective to do business from India. English is highly spoken in India – which is the second largest English speaking country in the world. This is the single most important factor why Call Center outsourcing is favored in India. And not necessary to mention - the very strong IT infrastructure that have been honored highly even at the Silicon Valley. All these factors combined together, makes Call Center Industry in India a success story.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Indian Fundamentals strong for Call Centers

One of the major reason why Call Centers in India are growing is because of the basics of the industry are very good. There is a very strong economic imperative reasoning the growth of the Call Center industry in terms of economic rationale where returns are gradually going higher and higher keeping the domain expertise of the Indian companies in mind. Huge influx of capital is coming to India giving opportunities to the Call Center heads, the employees, the clients and the customers.

The Call Center industry in India looks set for a series of consolidation with several mergers and acquisitions plans in the making. Companies AOL Warner Bros., Microsoft, GE Caps, have set up Call Centers in India to lessen the cost – very imperative for business growth.

Serious Call Centers and BPO players are also having a long-term view as far as growth prospects in the industry is concerned and not only has this emerged as a correct fundamental, but is also guiding the overall growth. United States, Europe (especially Britain) has shown great interest to explore Call Center industry booming in India.
Tuesday, July 15, 2003
AOL to recruit 400 people in India

American Online Member Services (AOL) - Time Warner Inc announced to strengthen its Indian Call Center operation by adding 400 more personnel. The company already has 1,500 people working at its Call Center in Bangalore, India and the move is likely to take by December this year.

AOL has eight Call Centers worldwide – in US(6), Philippines(1) and India(1). There are almost 10,000 people working at these Call Centers – making it one of the largest contact center in the global corporate sector.

Cincinnati, Ohio based Convergys – providing services in the fields in communications, finances, technology, employee care and other industries - had announced earlier that the company would build a another Call Center in India that could employ as many as 3,000 additional workers within the next 14 months. The total number of employees in India could rise to 20,000 by 2007. The dramatic upsurge in the Call Center industry in India has many by surprise.

Monday, July 14, 2003
Indian Call Centers saves $20,000 for US

Outsourcing to India plays a significant role for US and European companies for huge saving. Merrill Lynch states that the share of IT budget outsourced to Indian vendors could grow from 3.8% in 2002 to 7.3% in 2005. US-based research firm Brian Murray estimates that each call center employee in India translates into annual savings of $20,000.

Call Centers in India are successfully meeting the roaring demands of meeting the challenges, companies face in handling queries and problems from the customers. There is strong economic growth that is fuelling the growth of the call center industry in India in terms of economic rationale wherein profits are going higher and higher.

Call centers in India mainly serve U.S.-based clients nearly halfway around the world. Indian call centers and relative industry is expected to grow a stunning 54 per cent in the year to March 2004 from $2.3 billion in 2002/03.
Sunday, July 13, 2003
Call Center in India: What’s New!

Indian sky carrier Air – India has set up a setup a 25-seat international call center in Mumbai, India to facilitate its international passengers – primarily from US and UK.

Hewlett-Packard is relocating call centers from Australia to the Bangalore-based Digital GlobalSoft, of which it owns 51 per cent stake.

According to Frost & Sullivan, a consultancy firm, the call center services market itself is set to grow from $237.7 million in 2002 to $753.7 million in 2008.

Computer Associates will be steadily growing our support service Call Center, started in 2000, to a substantial scale in future by increasing the staff from 120 to people.

Call Centers in India have shown advantage over their counterparts from US due to some major factors. Professionals in Indian Call Centers constitutes of youngsters when compared to European and US experts. Eager to learn they are more energetic and dedicated than the professionals from those countries. This gives a distinctive advantage to them for providing better advantage while working at Call Centers.
Friday, July 11, 2003
Indian Call Centers popular in West

Offshore Business Process Outsourcing Services in India is scaling up day by day. India’s strong IT infrastructure and workforce – which is very good in communication has helped India attain most of the global offshore outsourcing (almost 66%) business. Call Centers in India are also rising in popularity as the low-cost Indian employees meets international trade norms very efficiently.

Call Center industry in India is thriving mainly to the profile of employees that a call center in India manages to attract. Several international companies have shown greater satisfaction from their Call Center operations in India than their local operations. According to a report GE Capitals reported greater satisfaction from its Indian contact center (92%) than their onshore US center (85%).

India’s Call Center operations are providing eloquent services to their offshore clients - only the best of the industry. Undoubtedly – without producing quality services, Indian outsourcing would not have mounted. Research firm ‘Giga Information Group’ is forecasting a boom in offshore outsourcing for the information technology industry. India alone will soar 25 percent, the firm says.

Thursday, July 10, 2003
Call Center services in India for 38% increase in 2003

The IT services industry in India, which also includes Call Center jobs is set to grow 60% in the fiscal 2003. Presently the industry is estimated at $10bn – majorly providing services to their clients in United States of America. Only today, Oracle – the software company from US - announced to double their manpower in India. Investment through offshore BPO segment that includes huge presence of Call Center services in India is looking poised for 38% increase this year itself.

Call Center in India manages to attract corporate firms from US for the customer care services largely due to the profile of employees here in India. Indian Call Center segment is offering excellent services to US companies. Indian offshoring phenomenon is prospering thanks to the world-class quality that outsourcers are able to source from here.

Infact, this is just the beginning. 80% of the US companies will be discussing to offshore outsourcing – next year. 1000 top firms from Europe will also be doing the same within couple of years. BPO services including Call Center industry in India are really setting their eyes to tap this mass emigration of the corporate firms. Due to the adaptability of the universal quality yardstick, the corporate bigwigs favor India.
Wednesday, July 09, 2003
India tops Global Outsourcing list: Merrill Lynch

Outsourcing in India will grab 50% of the entire offshore outsourcing business according to the reports. Recent studies by Merrill Lynch on global outsourcing put India on top of the list ahead of Ireland, Israel, Canada, Philippines and South Africa. Companies operating outsourcing to India have shown greater satisfaction through their Indian operation than anywhere else.

It needs to be well understood that without offering quality services – outsourcing in India would not have thrived. India boats high level of Information & Technology Enabled Services (ITES) through strong technical back up. In recent the Indian Government has flexed the norms for Foreign Direct Investments (FDI’s) – thereby opening floodgates for the MNC interested to outsource from India.

India is also navigating opportunities of outsourcing in manufacturing sector like engineering, pharmaceuticals, electrical and electronic items, automobile parts, where a good manufacturing base exists with low-cost operation, but attention has to be paid to quality and international standards to win global customers. At present Outsourcing to India is at its peak and India finds little competition from any other country.
Call Centers in India favored by US

Call Centers in India are rapidly escalating due to the immense growth amongst Multinational Banks & Insurance companies. The banking and insurance sector is entirely customer oriented and needs personalized calling services to attract and confirm more customers. Indian Call Center professional provides standard quality of IT and voice enabled services. In the 2002 Global New Economy Index Survey by Meta Group – a US-based surveying agency – has ranked India on top above Israel, Ireland and the Philippines in the quality and availability of IT skills.

At the moment there are 140,000 employees in the Indian Call Center industry and approximately 60% of these companies natively hails from United States. Average salary for an Indian Call Center employee is about $200 far below from an American citizen ($1600-$2000). The cost-effective Indian workforce thus saves US companies million of dollars through offshoring Call Center jobs.

The BPO sector in India is expected to generate $1.2 billion revenues for the year 2003. Call Centers constitutes a major part of the BPO industry in India. Call Centers in India are prospering because of the flexibility and the accent that the Indian community has adopted. By providing little voice-based training Indians can generate quality services to their employees in United States.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003
Quality driven Call centers in India

GE capitals based in Gurgaon, India reports of greater satisfaction from its Indian Call Center (92%) as against its Call Center in US (85%). Other Call Centers of the corporate firms from US and Europe – plying in India have reported the better quality from their Indian operations than the local ones.

Amongst other factors that helps India offering better services than their western counterparts is the because of attractive salary structure that the MNC are willing to shelve. Call Center in India attracts youngster who posses good command over English – this include people mainly from metro cities. Their accent fits appropriately in accordance to the international standards, thus providing quality driven Call Center services.

Employees at the Call Centers in India are young, dynamic and eager to learn. As a result they can be trained faster, can be easily motivated and are keen to chase targets. As opposed to the employees in US and Europe, who pick the jobs in Call Centers majorly on the part-time basis. The abrasion rate in India is also very low thus ensuring that the trained professionals tend to stay longer within the Call Center industry. This ensures professional approach rather than part timing, low profile rapport.
Monday, July 07, 2003
Companies from US and Europe migrate heavily to establish Call Centers in India

Amongst the gigantic companies that have recently established Call Centers in India, Prudential invested $10 million in an Indian subsidiary called Prudential Process Management Services. The New Delhi-based publication said the life and pension provider built a 100,000-square-foot Call Center service center in Mumbai, India, and plans 850 employees by mid-2004. This enables Prudential saving of almost 70%-80%. On the contrary when Scottsdale, Arizona based electronic welfare and food stamp card maker e-Funds Corp. moved their Indian Call Center facility to New Jersey, it was costing the company an extra $73,800 a month to handle, as per reports.

Cost is usually a major factor in moving Call Centers offshore. Call Centers in India are a major buzz in the midst of companies looking to offshore their business activities. The growth in revenue from Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services reflects a growing trend by the US and European companies to outsource services such as Call Centers and back-office operations to Indian companies.

The growth in Outsourcing industry is stated at 59% last fiscal year. Undoubtedly, the Indian Call Center industry looks like to be global leader by capturing major accounts from the US and Europe. The Quality ensured professionals in India are good at English and are backed by the concrete Info Tech infrastructure, already prevailing in the country.
Saturday, July 05, 2003
Movie on Call Centers: Depicting Indian Buzz

London based Harbour Pictures is planning a comic love story about the employees working in the Call Centers in India. The movie slated for the shoot next year will be directed by Nigel Cole and would emphasize the Indian employees working in Call Centers – pretending to be based in some nearby location. The movie comes on discourse while many British Companies are outsourcing their business activities to India in order to save massive cost incurred at back-office operations.

India is definitely the first choice for the companies looking forward to instigate Call Centers - in a move to reduce cost. Indian Contact Centers offer highly rated services by providing a 360-degree view of each customer in 24x7 environment backed by a latest technologies.

India can save huge BPO cost with the availability of good English speaking fresher – willing to work at rock bottom salaries as compared to employees in US and the Britain. A recent report states, ‘the Philippines is reviving up to become a Call Center and backend office powerhouse. But, first, it has to get in the ring with India, the world's outsourcing heavyweight champion.’ Various likewise report that Call Center industry in India has come to stay for a long span of time. It will take some major shifts to hinder the progress of Call center trade in India.
Friday, July 04, 2003
Right Track for the Indian Call Center Professional

Call Center is a place from where company experts respond to queries from customers regarding the products and services of that company. Companies usually outsource their Call Centers to companies that specialize in customer relationship management.

E-Funds, Dell, Microsoft all have instituted their Call Center operations in India. This is only due to the fact that India proves to cost-effective country offering abundant of skills through its manpower resources. Outsourcing nowadays is one of the major requirements of the companies. It becomes all more necessary if the company is large with numerous branches of activities.

Professionals in the Call Centers in India have come at par with the service requirements of the international standards. It comes as a surprise to know that India has the second largest English population next only to US. Add to it, the Information Technology structure in India is already strong enough giving Indian Call bound professional a perfect edge for the international market.
Thursday, July 03, 2003
Call Center in India: Rightly positioned

Call Centers in India holds a distinct advantage amongst the low-cost countries that are providing outsourcing services to the corporate world. Labor prices in India are very low. Most of the US Call Center Companies have to spend $10-$12 an hour over an employee in US as compared to only $2-$3 in India. But what gives India better advantage over other countries low-cost countries is the very good English speaking culture here. Information Technology awareness is also very high in India making it one of the favorite hub for installing or accessing a Call Center here.

In May Miami-based Epixtar Corp. (OTC BB: EPXR) opened its plans to build a $5.3 million, 1,000-seat Call Center in the West Bengal region of India with operations slated to begin in early November. Prudential’s Indian subsidiary ‘Prudential Process Management Services’ opened its Call Center facility in Mumbai with an investment of $10 million.

Call Centers in India are advantageous to the countries economy. While the US workforces are protesting against these shifts, Indian is continuously making an upward trend in this context. This is because of the benefits that Indian Call Center industry provides to its clientele. At present India is in the best position to cater the needs of international companies looking to shift their Call Center operations.
Wednesday, July 02, 2003
Expanding Horizon of Call Centers in India: Now Microsoft Chips In

Microsoft officials claimed that the company intends to move its Call Center operations to India – an attempt to reduce cost. The move comes of the existing corporate cult – the following of major US firms looking to outsource business to India.

Instigating Call Center in India can amount to exclusive profit according to the surveys and reports. Besides been cheap and effective to open Call Center in India, companies making moves in this regard will also be saved from the hazardous task of creating sturdy customer relationship.

According to Greg Secord VP – BPO bigwig ADB, "Outsourcing purely for financial reasons is not the best bet. You need to be comfortable in your ability to develop a relationship with an outsourcing firm, and trust that their best-practice methodology is proven." A company jumping to start Call Center in India can trust the tech-enabled workforce that ensures quality on the level of international standards. Ensured of quality, cost control and technical vivacity - Microsoft’s opening Call Centers in India looks like right decision in this economical trend.
Tuesday, July 01, 2003
Changes in Indian Call Center Industry

Call Centers in India is undergoing a new phase with extremely polished professional doing their job right under right condition. It was very stressful for managerial department to get out the best from their employees. The Indian Call Center pros were under par in handling and making calls during the wee stage of the emergence of Call Center industry in India.

The objective of Call Centers in India or anywhere in the world is to help companies succeed by providing strong customer relationships, enhanced revenue, improved quality, added protection, and greater return on investment. Indian Call Center professionals however took some time to come to terms with international requirements.

Today Call Centers in India have come to terms with the industrial requirements. The executive today effectively manages calls handling – inbound and outbound. This is due to the growing impetus of Call Center industry in India.

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