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Monday, June 30, 2003
Evaluated Growth in Call Centers in India

Call Centers in India are prospering upon the upscale rise amongst the entrepreneurs who are trying to allure their customers through inbound and outbound calling facility. This concept raving in US have enabled many offshore Call Centers establishments, majorly is India.

Opening Call Centers in India provides a strong base for the companies in US and Europe. The quality of English is up to the par of international standards. Indians are technically literate and are comfortable with new technologies arising in the industry.

According to Deepak Dhawan, vice-president, Human Resources, EXL Services India, some of the serious Call Center are having a long-term view as far as growth prospects in the industry is concerned and not only has this emerged as a correct fundamental, but is also guiding the overall growth. Call Centers in India appears set for another round of consolidation with several mergers and acquisitions plans in the making.
Saturday, June 28, 2003
Stability of Call Centers in India

Call Centers in India have begun their phase in uprooting sector of the economy, which once became a rage in US. The Call Center in India is on the balanced well enough to become larger in the coming decade atleast. Until any other country produces a literate, good English speaking community with technical vibrancy with cost-effective workforce, India will continue to depot more and more clients interested for offshore outsourcing of their business.

Employees in the Call Centers can expect a bright future if they keep an established track record while working for Call Centers in India. There are numerous openings for the job seekers in a Call Center industry. Employees attributing in the fields of client services, business development, operations, quality, project management, training, human resources, accounts, facilities, technology and relative grounds should feel secured about their future.

Stability in Call Centers or any business can only be predicted under present circumstances viz., economy, growth rate, employment switchover etc. In terms of Call Centers in India it can be said that there is an upsurging need for the corporate firms to outsource their back-office operations to find more time for the prospective growth of the companies. As long as India is producing quality professional with good English communication skills and abundance of talent to meet the requirements of the global corporate needs, Call Centers in India will be thriving in coming years.
Friday, June 27, 2003
Positive Growth for Call Centers In India

There are around 360 Call Centers in India with more than 60,000 employees. In its initial phase, Call Centers in India is expected to employ about 1 million by 5 years time and emerge as a $150 billion industry. The huge influx of Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) in India is keeping the employment growth in India under check.

Offshore Call Center facility is a rapidly growing industry in India. Headed by the industry big-shots like GE Capital and Amex (through in-house, captive call centers); the industry has witnessed explosive growth in the last 2-3 years. As the IT services/ software industry growth has slowed, Call Centers have emerged as strong employers, absorbing large number of fresher as well as experienced people in the country.

Call Centers and BPO are already huge industries round the world. By flexing its norms in the telecom and technology field India has joined the bandwagon of US, Australia, Britain and the likes of nation as the emerging Call Center industry bigwig.

The beginning of Call Center industry in India is going to be huge in the coming years. People who are joining Call Centers now are going to have faster track career growth and better compensation growth than any other industry has to offer.

Thursday, June 26, 2003
Indian Operations: Whats the Advantage!

Delta Airline Inc. is showing interest to open their Call Center in India and Philippines in an effort to save $26 million. Gloria Richard, Delta’s GM for call-center partners relation claimed that the company is planning to outsource parts of its Call-Center operations offshore – most likely to India and Philippines.

Despite of countries like Canada, Ireland playing major role providing Call-Center services to the US companies, India still remains their favorite. The fact remains clear. Call Center in India is blossoming because the employee gets paid well. Professional from different fields are finding place at Call Centers because of high income and fun during work.

In the last few days, US have been on a lookout for near-shore locations for its Call Center and outsourcing needs. Countries like Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago are willing to provide back-up services to US. But studies suggest that education level for these countries is very low, which decreases their efficiency and qualification to handle such important job as call handling and meeting customers requirements. Canada, Mexico are also likely to be US near-shore options but employee cost is more here. As compared India as Call Center destination comes very cheap. For what costs $1-2 per hour in India for per employee would be costing $5-7 in Canada and $2.5-3 in Caribbean. Call Center in India thus remains most favorable within the Corporate Firms in US.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Call Center Industry in India is projected at $142 billion by the year 2008 as per NASSCOM. With its built-in potency, India is advertised as the hot destination for ‘offshore outsourcing hub’.

The booming Indian Call Center Industry is the benchmark of the changing global trend. Economy is going global and so are US industries. And India is their favorite destination. Call centers like GE Caps, TransWorks etc are making deep impact on the Indian economic front. Not only there is a massive increase in the job sector in India but also there is a constant rise in Indian global presence that effects economy, world over.

Call centers in India also avails large facility centers with seats for up to 2000-2500 people. A single Call Center can accommodate accounts for 20-30 clients at a time. This is no mean task and requires specialized manpower and outright money backup and such necessities. Above all – it requires business minds groomed out of B-Schools of repute. Indian educational and professional model fulfills all these criteria. And no wonder why Call Centers in India is the next best to happen to the economy.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003
Starting Call Centers In India!

Call Centers are required for large companies to sell their products to the customers, proposing a product or service as well as for the after-sale enquiries made by the customers. Though the concept is not very new, Call Center proceeding came into limelight after it was mastered with high-tech equipments like International Loop Line, Net-Telephony and other far-reaching instruments.

Call Centers in India – in this context – were braving with globalized business module. Reducing cost for business proceeding was the prime intention of the corporate houses. Corporate giants realized that shifting their Call-Center operations to India would cut down their costs by manifolds, prompt actions were taken in this area. In the new century, business settlement laws were reviewed and it was easier for alien firms to settle in the Indian soils. It was easy to initiate, merge, come in partnership of business.

The efficient English speaking population (evaluated as second largest English speakers in the world after the US) of India proved as the right dimension for setting up Call Centers. The global awareness of Indians was boost to itself and Call Centers in India came out head-high with flying colors.

Voices over Internet Protocol (VoIP) facility is cheap in India. This along with several factors provides an outright base for large business houses to instigate their Call-Centers in India.

Monday, June 23, 2003
WHY prefer Call Centers in India?

Call Centers in India are at its peak today. Customized solution through customer interactive programs in the success mantra of numerous corporate firms nowadays. For the strategic business development – that requires acquired skills for customer queries, solutions etc., Indian Call-Centers are at par with the current marketing demands.

Call Centers not only accumulated the task of interacting with customers but also provides a wider base for official tasks of inventories, bill handling, web-solutions and various other business requirement proceedings. Customers can call (normally through toll-free numbers) the offices of these companies in shape of Call-Centers and ask for their requirements, queries and solutions.

At the same time customers – today – expects higher level of services from the manufactures and it has become a dire need to sustain ones customer for longer duration. Call Centers in this context – becomes very useful. India is producing technically sound work force with high standard of English. It only takes a thought for marketing giants to tap this potential and induce their customer-loyal Call-Centers.

Norms in India to initiate Call Center are very easy. The Government has introduced easy procedures to lease telephone lines with advance features for the successful operations in the area. Employees are well acquainted with technology. And finally, the costs incurred in this context are far lower than their European or American counterparts.

Sunday, June 22, 2003
Even as the economy in United States and Europe is facing hard times, there is a continuous growth in call centers. While finding low-cost locations, these nations zeroed their eyes over India, as the right place for operating their call-centers.

The inherent strength as a cost-oriented, tech-savvy community propelled major corporate giants to order their call-centers in India. In India they found that government has a sustainable policy with regard to Foreign Direct Investment.

Indians were fluent in speaking English. Their interaction with American and European customers was smooth process and big corporate houses tapped this Indian potential very quickly. Setting up customer interactive call-center was in-thing in developed nations. But to manage cost for this area of business was a tough task for them. With India lifting its ban on Internet Telephony and such relative services, there is a broad horizon ahead of Call-Center Industry. The industry has created a niche of itself whereby Call Center is on the rampage for delivering value added, eminence services in the sector.

Thursday, June 19, 2003
Last few years have seen India as ‘cheap-hub’ to outsource business by the giant companies mainly from United States of America as well as some European Nations. Call Centers in India have grown manifolds - partly the result of broad outlook of Indian Government, the Low Cost Structure, and Technically Vibrant Workforce along with numerous other reasons.

Outsource Business Process can be defined as handling the management and optimization of ones business to a third party to lower stress and demands of the business management. This Third Party logistics are based on the company’s credentials and outlines to abide strategies and procedures.

The Call Center Industry estimated to grow into $301 billion industry by 2010 is a sheer pleasure for the aspiring workforce in India. Indians have tactfully managed to produce quality assurance in the areas of Database Management, customer service help line, helpdesk services, handling credit and billing problems, entertaining complaints from the customers with personalized solutions along with numerous other chores that arises within business operations.

Call Centers in India has also effectively developed a niche in the areas of data verification, data capture, Tele research, service follow-ups and renewing subscriptions, which becomes the core outbound activities of a call center. Unless there is talented enough manpower to handle such queries, no business organization will make a move. Thus India have taken a leap step in Call Center Industry, which in recent have been the home more developed nations like Australia, New Zealand, and European nation.

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