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Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Data Management Service Outsourcing Is Not Just Another Cost Reduction Exercise

Data management service outsourcing is often compared with cost reduction exercises and although there are glaring similarities, it would be wrong to assume that cost savings are the only benefits available through data management service outsourcing. That's because when we analyze successful data management outsourcing projects, it becomes clear the data management service outsourcing has a lot more to offer than merely the cost savings. Improvement in operational efficiency, accuracy and project turnaround times are other equally important benefits that are readily available through data management service outsourcing.

Businesses can certainly give priority to operational cost reductions, but using data management service outsourcing solely as a cost reduction tool may not prove fruitful in the long run. Data management service outsourcing firms may not object, but the natural fallouts can adversely affect business interests. For example, if all efforts are focused on reducing operational costs, chances are that it will have an adverse effect on other desirables such as efficiency and accuracy.

So, if the full potential of data management service outsourcing is to be unlocked, it is recommended that businesses take a holistic approach and avoid getting fixated with cost reductions. Designing and developing an effective outsourcing platform that has all the desirables in the right proportions will instead prove more profitable for businesses.

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