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Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Inbound Process Outsourcing – Customers Benefit The Most

Generally, nobody talks about customers when discussing the merits of inbound process outsourcing. That's because the majority still believes that the primary beneficiaries are the businesses that hire outsourcing services and the service providers that manage inbound process outsourcing projects. This however is a myth because in reality it's the customers that benefit the most.
Inbound process outsourcing benefits customers by making it easier for them to use customer support services. Outsourcing firms managing inbound processes rely on advanced IT and telecommunications tools and hire highly qualified professionals to man customer service hubs, all of which help in improving the efficiency and quality of customer support services.

Yet another benefit of inbound process outsourcing is that customers do not have to pay anything for using customers support services. Operational costs are reduced significantly when inbound processes are outsourced, something that allows businesses to provide free customer support services and that too across multiple channels such as phone support, email, online ticket systems, chat, etc.
It is not that businesses do not benefit from cost savings and inbound process outsourcing firms from increased revenues. The point is – "who gets the most benefits" and if that is the aim, we better start including customers in the list, preferably at the top.

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