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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
What Call Centre IndiaOffers that Others cannot?

There is no shadow of a doubt that the competition is turning its face towards the global environment and large organizations are doing everything that they can to stay ahead of their competitors in order to stay in the game. Keeping this in mind, it is seen that large organizations are approaching Indian call centres more than call centres located in China, Malaysia, Philippines, etc. The most important aspect that call centre India capitalizes upon is the fact that the number of advantages that it offers is way more than any other country can offer.

Some of the reasons for call centre India gaining such a lot of attention is because of the reason that majority of the population of the country are educated. Another thing is that India comes second when it comes to the country having the largest English speaking population, the first being the US. Also, due to the difference in the time zones, especially that of India and the US, large corporations are assured that their customers get 24 hours service. The latest technology that India uses and its cost effective methods are the other reasons for call centre India to be the number 1 choice when it comes to business process outsourcing.

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