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Sunday, January 20, 2008
Planning is the Key – Innovation Says So

Let it be any call centre anywhere on the face of this earth, planning is one aspect that speaks for itself. Actually for picking out the winners from the losers for the Contact Centre Innovation Awards, the panel conducted a detailed study of the entrants’ target setting techniques, the process of managing their employees, improvement in past performances, streamlining the various processes aimed for customer satisfaction, etc. These studies also involved an analysis of the traditional factors such as labour management, methods adopted for the setting up of schedules, etc. The example of this event was given simply to state the fact that planning forms the basis for any call centre company and it also acts as deciding factor helping the industry ascertain which call centre is doing good and which is not. Call centres like Accenture, Prudential, etc. that excel at providing services to customers have all been proving their might only because of planning. Call centre companies in India too have proved that sheer work and improved performance helps them to climb new levels setting up an example showing that planning is the key for successful call centre team management.

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