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Monday, November 29, 2004
Call Center India – Spirituality comes calling!
They say ‘Health is Wealth’ and taking this quip seriously are the employees of WNS Global Services, a Call Center in India with branches in Mumbai, Pune and Nasik would undergo a series of Art of Living sessions, practice yoga lessons, go through aroma therapy, acupressure.
These sessions are part of “Wellness Week” an annual event, worth over $103 million besides highlighting physical, mental and spiritual aspects of employee health and improve work environment. WNS is not the only one in the highly competitive Call Center industry turning to spirituality and “wellness” programmes to ease workplace pressure and create better work environment.

For Gautam Chainani, Director (HR), WNS Global Services, the “Wellness Week” is an extension of company strategy of creating harmony and balance around work-life. “This is a follow up to our ‘tax saving and financial planning week’ and ‘learning and development week’ that sought to empower the employee individually and also be a better professional,” says Chainani.

Most HR executives agree that it would certainly help to improve work culture and environment in the Call Center industry in the long run.
Roy T Kuruvilla, HR head of NIIT SmartServe, says that the company spends anywhere in the range of Rs 30,000 and Rs 35,000 per month for each employee who want to upgrade their personal or professional skills through online self-study mode. “Though spirituality sessions are yet to figure in our self development programmes, we are open to the idea,” he adds.
With the Call Center industry in the process of expanding its employee pool from 2.5 lakh-level to around 11 lakh over the next four years, going spiritual is a smart way to woo fresh talent into the burgeoning industry.

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