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Tuesday, July 06, 2004
Background Noise Isn’t Good For Business

Most call center managers in India understand that background noise is not good for business, but they may not realize the enormous losses it can cause. One of the biggest factors that adversely affect average work time is ambient noise. In a recent study on the effects of background noise, ACS Wireless found that by decreasing average work time by a mere 0.6 second, one customer saves $8 million annually. This figure sounds incredibly high, but when customers and call center employees have to repeat themselves due to background noise, businesses lose money in many ways.

When noise makes it difficult to hear customers, it takes longer to acquire necessary information. Meanwhile, long distance charges are being incurred. The inability to hear due to background noise reduces the speed at which call center employees can attend to customers. In addition to the obvious annoyance of extraneous noise, if a caller can hear other conversations in your call center, they worry about their own privacy.

When many call center individuals encounter background noise, they exacerbate the problem by raising the volume on their headsets. Additionally, when call center employees crank up their headsets’ volume, they will naturally speak louder, thereby further increasing background noise, until eventually customers can’t distinguish between background noise and call center attendants’ voices.


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