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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Call centre managers in India often take calls from irate customers that get out of hand and get transferred to them by the call center executives. The number of irate calls has increased dramatically over a period of time. The fact is customers have become more demanding. In short, customers want the same things they always wanted.

Callers want very basic things, accurate information, solutions to their problems, apologies if they have been disappointed, professional and courteous responses and a commitment to resolve their issues with a company’s product or service and when it will be resolved.

This is what happens when a call from an irate customer calls. The Indian call center representative feels defensive, the irate callers want to call and the call centre representative wants to explain company policy, which the caller doesn’t care. The Indian call centre representative tries very hard to think about excuses and may not hear the real “hot button” the customer is explaining.

The Indian call centre representatives want to explain how these things can happen and the caller does not want to be educated. The biggest challenge that these call centre representatives have is trying to fix the problem before they fix the customer’s feelings.

In summary, the Indian call centre representatives are “feeding the irate or angry customer” And what happens? The customer gets stronger, insists on talking to someone else and the poor call centre manager has to bear the brunt of it.


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