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Saturday, January 03, 2004

UK to Play James Bond: To probe outsourcing job losses to India

There is full-blown outrage in U.K. over outsourcing. Worker unions are on a nation wide protest and are resorting to strikes over job losses in outsourcing to India. Now HSBC Holdings Plc, BT Group Plc, Aviva Plc and all the other companies who have gone in for outsourcing in order to cut costs are going to face a probe by U.K. lawmakers, a move which is backed my the MPs.

Union estimates that even the jobs that are there in U.K. at present are at a risk. The future of around 500,000 workers working in 6000 call centers, is hanging in balance. What further intensifies the fear is an estimate by Deloitte & Touche research, earlier this year, reveals that the world's top 100 financial companies will, reportedly outsource one million mainly administrative and technology-related jobs to India by 2008.

All these claims are not hypothetical, because many companies are planning the shift, mainly multinationals like HSBC is expected to employ 8,000 people in India, China and Malaysia, by the end of the year. BT is planning to start 2,200 new call center posts in India. Aviva also said that it plans to have a 1,000-person call center and claims- processing unit in India. With so many companies planning to move offshore the butterflies in the stomach of the unions is justified.

The companies will be enquired as to why the call center jobs have been outsourced, despite Britain having competent workers. The relevant firms will have to give a fitting explanation on their decision to outsource.

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