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Friday, January 09, 2004

UK feeling the pinch of Call Center jobs going to India

Why should the Call Center jobs, which are rightfully ours, should move to India? Is the question every unemployed youth in the UK wants an answer for. Workers in a state called Merseyside in the UK are especially bugged with this trend. They have been trying to stem the flow of Call Center jobs to India.

Merseyside is a major hub for Call Centers, employing more than 13,000 people in about 60 across the region. However, over recent years much has changed. Since thousands of jobs have been lost from Merseyside and the North West through companies switching Call Centers to India and other developing countries like China, Philippines etc. This shifting up of jobs is the main cause of worry for Merseyside, as more and more employees are being layed off.

The scheme to stem the flow of Call Center jobs overseas will consist of creating sustainable skills base so employers in the region have an easier time finding the best workforce locally and jobs are created and protected from the ever-lurking threat of Off-shoring. Although Off-shoring can’t be stopped all that easily, but at least the quality of their staff can be improved.

Merseyside is aggressively pushing for the growth of the Call Center industry and promote the state, because the pressure of Off-shoring on the UK Call Center workforce is constantly increasing, and they need to stop that pretty soon.

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