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Friday, January 02, 2004

Thriving call centers and all set for more

Call centers are the latest fad to hit the Indian scene. Every multinational is opening its call center in India. It's so amazing that within a small period of time, hundreds of call centers have opened up in India, some big and some small.

Just to list down some of the call centers. There is Convergys, Msource, Exl, Daksh, WNS, 24/7, VCustomer etc to just name a few. These call centers serve international clients worldwide. The process is somewhat like this. The customers are say, suppose in the U.S., they are given a toll free number. When the customer dials this number his or her call is transferred to the call center in India. And most of the time the customer doesn't even know that this is an offshore service center.

But how can a U.S. customer not make out the heavy Indian accent. Well that is because the training the call center executives are given in accent neutralization. Not only are they taught how to speak in the, "phoren" accent but also on how to take every call, handle irate customers and a glimpse of the American lifestyle. They are given 2 to 3 months of exhaustive training in customer care, but it actually depends on the policies of the call center, depending on which it could take less time or more time.

The qualification for a customer care executive is nothing much, apart from being a graduate with good communication skills. The salary range is anything between 8 to10k, depending on experience and the call center you are applying in. the work timings are not something to go gaga over, cause most of the work is done during the night shifts. That is the reason may be why the attrition rate of this industry is so high and most of the executives don't see it as a long-term career choice. People do it to earn some quick bucks and leave it after some exposure. The odd timings and long work shifts make it hard to cope up with, and moreover it ruins your social life completely. But some people do get used to lead life in a call center, because the growth is quick and the moolah gets better. The future indicates more call centers and consequently more jobs.

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