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Monday, January 05, 2004

Reliance all set to open a Call Center in India, Gujarat

Another Call Center is to be opened up in India, but this time, its by a domestic giant, Reliance group. Reliance Infocom, the convergence arm of the Reliance group, is set to open its first Call Center in India and that too in Gujarat, the capital of Ahemdabad, at an investment of around Rs.30 crore.

The company, which has already forayed into a wide range of businesses, has now set its sight on the booming Call Center market. But at present Reliance Infocom is adapting a model to initially use the Call Center facilities captively. Reliance has some big plans for its Call Center in India. If the Call Center business finds solid footing then, Reliance may even think of Outsourcing this facility. It will also utilise the Call Centers for its telecom and IT business.

For this Call Center in India, Reliance is considering one-lakh Call Center jobs. It is already hiring talents for its Call Center, which will mainly handle services like phone banking, customer billings, e-commerce management, hotel and airline reservations, and e-mail queries.

The Indian Call Center market is broadly segregated into two---Outsourcing and Offshoring model. Outsourcing model, however, involves a third-party service provider referred to as a Call Center bureau, which is engaged to deliver certain functions at a cost advantage

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