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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Life takes a twist in Call Centers

India has changed, Indian youths have changed, and their outlook has changed. Indian youths working in Call Centers in India are becoming more and more Americanized day by day. After working for a while in the Call Centers, they start to think and live like the Americans as well.

They work hard the whole week, and party hard too. By working in Call Centers, they easily earn a 5-figure salary and a chunk of it is spent in shopping, partying, movies, eating out etc. Not only does their way of dressing changes, there is also a major change in their accents, the kind of programs they watch, and the kind of books they read. Call Centers change the way they live their life.

Many of these changes are due to the extensive training they receive as part of their induction in the Call Center. The training in Call Centers is such that, they are forced to adopt the American way of life, almost living a dual life.

While working in a Call Center they are given American names, so that the US clients don’t have a problem in pronouncing their names. So it is not surprising to know the Call Center executives having an American twist to their names, Ramesh could be changed to Rico, or Yamini could be changed to Mini and so on. This drastic change over the years affects their personality, and they start to get confused over their identity. But as it is often said that, it’s all in the mind, if you are strong mentally, nothing will affect you.

Life in a Call Center has both positives and negatives, and then it just becomes a matter of how you balance the two, i.e. taking the positives, and then trying to change the negatives into positives too.

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