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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Call Centers in India high on quality

Call Centers in India have always delivered quality and 100% customer satisfaction. Many multinational clients have given their testimonials on the quality of service delivered in the Call Centers in India.

The Reports published in UK by some cheap sources about the lack of quality in the Call Centers In India are totally rubbish. Because the politicians and union workers only make all the hoopla, but there are no clients to be seen who are complaining about the kind of work they are getting done through the Call Centers In India.

Because a fact that everyone knows is, any client would continue his association with a Call Center in India or with any Call Center for that matter, only when he is getting quality work done, because nobody is doing any charity. The following examples will emphasize India’s superior position. GE reported greater satisfaction ratings from its Call Center in India (92%) as opposed to what it got from its onshore centers in the US (85%). HSBC's facilities in India handle 20% more interactions in an hour than the ones in the UK.

We offer world-class quality, and this is thanks to the kind of employees the Call Centers In India attract. The employee profile here is quite different from those that staff Call Centers in the West. In India the employees are far younger, better educated (most are college graduates) and Call Center jobs in India are looked at as a career of choice as opposed to the west where jobs at Call Centers are something that people in large part drift into. The cost advantage has always been there, coupled with that, staff here is English speaking and computer literate, and work on a fraction of the salary then what their American counterparts work on.

In the west Call Center employees are much older, many of them are part-timers and do not receive much education. And these are the reasons why clients still come flocking to India, because of quality, because of on-time delivery, and of course cheap rates.

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