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Monday, January 12, 2004

Call Center India workers could have a salary hike soon

This piece of news is going to have the Call Center India workers going head over heels. Thanks to the initiative by the British Trade Union, workers at Call Center India could have an increase in their salaries. Not only that, this initiative will also try and improve the Call Center workers’ health and safety conditions. It will make sure that there is no exploitation of the Call Center India workers.

Banking union Unifi, which represents 158,000 workers in the United Kingdom, is now planning a membership drive amongst Call Center India staff employed by Britain's High Street banks in Call Centers and data-processing operations. The Indian unions cannot represent the Call Center India staff because they are not well equipped and short on resources.

Unifi is sensitive to the low salaries paid to Call Center India staff, which they say is only 10 per cent of the salary paid to their UK counterparts. Typical salaries cited for Call Center India workers are between Rs 9,000 and Rs 16,500 per month. These salaries may be according to Indian standards, but are meager compared to UK standards. This move could lessen the attrition rates amongst the Call Center India workers.

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