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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Brits are loosing their nerves over the jobs going to Call Centers in India

The Brits are starting to lose it, both their minds and their jobs as well. When all their other attempts failed they have now resorted to trash talking. Out of nowhere they have published the findings from a survey, which says that Call Centers in India provide below par customer service. And it is not surprising that a Call Centre consulting outfit called ContactBabel that survives by offering its services to the British Call Centre industry has conducted the survey. Obviously the survey is ought to biased, and is totally uncalled for. It can be said it is a cheap shot by the Brits to save their own Call Centre industry.

Some of the key findings of the survey are mentioned below:

·More than a third of UK customers calling Call Centres in India do not get their problems resolved in the first attempt. In contrast, UK Call Centres notch up a first-time resolution rate of over 90 per cent.
·Call Centers in India tend to spend a higher portion of their time on the phone than UK agents.
·Inbound call lengths are very high in the Call Centers in India.
·Indians don't measure customer satisfaction.
·Indian operations are just 'Call' Centres. There are very few non-telephony operations managed by the Indians and certain other complaints.

But the most surprising part of the survey is, the client is not complaining. Strange, everyone else – from trade unions to politicians – are out on the street against the BPO wave, claiming to speak for the customer. But the customer is nowhere to be heard, or seen! There is in fact no truth in the findings and the Call Centres in India are excellent and in no way less if not more competent than their UK counterparts.

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