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Saturday, December 20, 2003

US Firms continue outsourcing despite protests.

Although there are lots of protests against outsourcing, a huge percentage of fortune 500 companies still continue to outsource their operations overseas. Countries like India offer cheap and steady labor workforce, which helps companies to save up to around 70% of costs, according to US analysts.

For example take the case of financial companies. Although a potent method for them to increase the flow of revenue is cross selling and up selling, outsourcing by the way is one of the best methods to save costs, according to business intelligence firm, Cutting Edge Information.

It said one of the very good examples of a financial institution that has done this is, Citigroup. It has successfully cut its call center labor costs by about 50%, since it began outsourcing its call center operations. Even though higher telecommunications expenses and an increase in call volume eat up the savings, the company benefits from a more skilled work force in its Indian call centers.

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