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Friday, December 26, 2003

Lavish spread of call centers in India

Lately there have been lots of call centers brewing up in India. Many multinationals have opened up their call centers to serve their worldwide clients. One of the reasons why call centers have been opened in India by multinationals is, India is a low-cost destination, where one can easily find cheap labor. Another reason for India being favored is its huge, unlimited English speaking populace, which is in abundance.

India is not the only one, which is favored for opening of call centers; there are countries, which are in the race. Countries like China, Malaysia, and Philippines etc all are strong contenders for being an outsourcing hub. What these call center market in India has done is it has created tremendous opportunities for employment for the youth. The pay package is good, and so people don’t mind the odd working hours. At the moment India is hot, but other English speaking nations are also catching up, and that’s one thing call center operators in India should keep in mind .

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