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Monday, December 22, 2003

Indian outsourcing draws telephonic backlash

First it were protests, then ‘hate mails’ and now bugged up workers are using the telephone to vent out their anger over the transfer of jobs to low-cost destinations such as India. Some of them had already started receiving abusive e-mails on outsourcing posted on their websites, but now it has spilled onto telephones.
As a result the call-center workers have started reporting abusive calls, where in the callers blame them for lost opportunities and insist on speaking to U.S. based workers only.

One Hyderabad call center manager said that now calls have started to become more racist and sexist. However, none of the executives want to go on record because they fear they might loose their clients, due to bad publicity. Another Gurgaon call center executive testified to the trend of abusive calls, but said that it does not have much impact on the business.

When asked the question that how do they manage to deal with such abusive calls, all the center managers told that, in this kind of situation, they can’t do much more then to tell their staff to remain calm and polite.

As a result of wide media coverage on the outsourcing issue, workers in U.S. and Europe are starting to come out strongly with their displeasure on seeing their jobs going to countries like India and China. India is hot at the moment , but if they are faced with more and more of such problems they might have to find a solid way of dealing with such issues.

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