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Sunday, December 14, 2003
India an electronic housekeeper of the world: Birla

DUBAI : Strides made in the information technology sector has enabled India to emerge as the world's "electronic housekeeper" and good economic performance has put the nation firmly on the path of growth, the doyen of Indian industry K K Birla has said.

"We have become the electronic housekeeper of the world and with call centres moving to India at a large scale it is day even at night in India ," Birla, who attributed the phenomenon partly to the country's strength in English, said.

Birla, who is a member of the consultative committee for the ministry of finance said the Indian economy was doing extremely well buoyed by a good monsoon and inflation was under control.

Referring to the change in India 's profile overseas, Birla said Indian companies have now made a mark globally. "Many of our companies are in Fortune 500 list and international consumer brands have set up shop in India ".

Birla was addressing Indian businessmen at a function over the weekend organised by the India Knowledge Centre (IKC) here. The IKC is trying to bring top educational institutions like IIT, IIM and others to the Gulf to be partners with the Arab world in higher learning and technology.

The Birla Institute of Technology, of which he is the chairman, also has a campus here.

The first batch of 54 engineering graduates from BITS Dubai , which has a total of 420 students now, will pass out next year. BITS Pilani has a campus in Manama , Bahrain also.

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