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Thursday, December 25, 2003

Dell Affirms Commitment to its call centers in India

As everybody is aware, Dell did open its call centers in India to serve its clients in the U.S. But recent complaints about customer service calls, has forced Dell Computer in bringing some of its overseas business customer service back to the U.S., but it stressed that it remains committed to its call centers in India.
'Dell would be moving only some of its business customer service calls from its technical support center in Bangalore, India to facilities in the U.S. and it is definitely not moving all of its call centers out of India ', Mr.Barry French, director of public affairs for Dell Computer, said. "We remain committed to India and we constantly make changes to optimize our operations in order to give customers the best possible experience," French added.
The shift comes as the spread of IT jobs to overseas markets, along with many call center functions starts concerning lawmakers and IT workers. And this emerging backlash in the U.S. against outsourcing to India is a "cause of concern."
While setting up call centers and outsourcing operations offshore in countries like India can save companies in labor costs, sometimes language problems and other training issues can complicate the level of offshore customer service.
It is unclear exactly how much money Dell has saved by setting up customer call centers in India, and other countries around the world. But the company's decision to bring some of its call center operations for its business customers back to the United States, points to the importance the company assigns its enterprise strategy.

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