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Monday, December 29, 2003

Concerto plans to open call center in India

Some companies are shifting back from India and some newly opening. One of those firms which is planning to open a call center in India is Concerto.

The US-based Concerto Software has firmed up plans to set up its call center services which will be used as a global help desk in India with 70 people in February to provide high-end support to worldwide customers.

Pramod Ratwani, vice president, Asia Pacific and Middle East, Concerto Software Inc said, “ We’ve have zeroed in on two Indian cities, Bangalore and Hyderabad to set up our call centers in, which will provide product and technical support to our global customers".

"Company president James D Foy will announce the setting up of the call center, which will involve significant amount of investment”, he added.

At present, globally, the company has three help desks -- US, London and Singapore -- and when set up, India would be the fourth one.

Even though the Indian call center would take up new assignments, there is expected to be some job-shifts from its Boston based help desks to India resulting in 'job losses', he said.

Concerto, which makes software for call centers, itself has a small call center operation in Mumbai with 30 people. This center, however, gives Tier-I support to global companies by handling the basic queries.

The scene for setting up of call centers in India just keeps getting better, with more and more multinationals entrusting India with some of their major operations.

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