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Saturday, December 27, 2003

Call centers in India to have a tough time

People have starting to register themselves in the 'Do not call' list. And this in turn is giving the call center workers a hard time. Restrictions have made the consumers happier, but surprisingly the call centers workers are adjusting better to the situation than anticipated. Some of the consumers say that after registering the calls from the call centers have reduced from three a day to two in a week

Although industry representatives believe cuts are on the way, call-center operations have picked up new clients exempt from the Federal Trade Commission's sweeping rules, targeted businesses instead of consumers or switched to people who have existing relationships with their clients.

More than 50,000 complaints nationwide have been filed against call center executives, accused of calling numbers on the list. Which is still far less than 1 percent of the more than 50 million consumers, including 1.2 million in Arizona, who signed up for the 'Do Not Call' Registry as of mid-September.

Call centers are battling the rules in court and say that they are complying with the new regulations and are searching for ways to replace lost business. Although Call centers and their clients may be switching strategies, but it, ultimately, may not be enough to stop companies from cutting telemarketing services.

Some in the industry believe the real impact from the 'Do Not Call' rules will hit next year but note that it may be difficult to separate the rules' effect from the trend to move some call-center jobs to countries like India and the Philippines.

Call center executives are trying hard to comply with the rules because they know that if they call the people on the 'Do not call' list they will be fined huge sums of money.

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