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Friday, December 19, 2003

Call Centers in India

The big boom in outsourcing has tremendously boosted the Indian Economy. More and more multinationals are making their way towards India in an effort to reduce costs. Although on one hand it has increased the opportunity for employment In India by almost ten fold, the populace in the west is crying foul. The constant flow of work to India is giving rise to unemployment in the west. This has understandably become a hot topic for discussion for some governments.

Right from data entry to tax returns, medical transcription to development services -- multinational companies are transferring their back office processes to external service providers. And India has been in the hot seat at gobbling these lucrative opportunities as fast as they could.

India offers a bouquet of benefits to the multinationals to come pouring down to India. These include, first and foremost, a 24*7, work culture, huge pool of skilled and literate professionals, work quality, a cost cutting of around 60-70 %, and to top it all, even the government has provided 100 percent tax exemption on foreign direct investment in IT-enabled services. These factors make it a strong contender in lapping up other such openings, and overshadowing other Asian outsourcing destinations, such as the Philippines and China.

“There is going to be no stopping of this trend, because of the simple reason that today the technology and know-how we have developed will certainly render those services much more efficiently and economically," said Mahendra K Sanghi, alternate president of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India.

The great news though is that, this sector is supposedly going to be earning around US$17 billion a year from outsourced jobs, according to the country's IT monitoring body, the National Association of Software and Service Companies. Moreover India is expected to have 6,000 call centers by 2008, compared to around 40 in 1999. – According to CAN.

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