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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Call centers are changing identities

Call center executives are told to watch endless episodes of ‘Friends’, ‘Ally Mcbeal’, and what not, so that they could mimic an acceptable American accent. Call centers are in fact changing complete identities of the executives. Once on the phone, Mohan becomes ‘Mac’, Sameer becomes ‘Sam’ and ‘Savitri’ becomes ‘Sally’ and so on. They are told to adopt American accents and say that they are calling from American cities to put their customers are easy.
Their training includes a smattering of U.S. history and geography, along with speech therapy so that they will sound "American." Some call centers are adorned with American flags to give a cultural feel to the place. Along the way, these employees are exposed to a way of life that can come into direct conflict with their conservative values and, sometimes, their sanity.
Indian call centers have sprung up nationwide in the last few years, as large American firms like American Express and General Electric have sought out the country's inexpensive, highly educated, English-speaking labor force. After sometime, these fake identities become a part of their lives and they start beleiveing that they are real Americans and sometimes start suffering from multiple personality disorders.

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