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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Ruling GOP setup call-center in India for fund raising

Surprising but real – GOP - the Grand Old Party (Republican) has setup a call-center in India to raise money for the party and President Bush. Business Standard – the Indian newspaper has reported that the Republican Party has made the move keeping in view the 2004 general election. The call-center in India would try raising funds for the President Bush’s re-attempt for President. The deal was grabbed by HCL e-serve – a BPO arm of HCL Technologies.

Call Center industry in India will get a certain boost from the move made by the ruling US party. The newspaper also reported that GOP’s call center in India is for "a high degree of automation, to limit human intervention". GOP thus joins the bandwagon of the ever-increasing pool of companies engaged in outsourcing business services from India.

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