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Monday, September 08, 2003

Call centers in Europe emphasizing over soft skill training

There is no dearth over the fact that India will remain as prime market for global call centers. With majority of business coming from UK and the US – India will command over majority of contact-center operations for global clientele. But as the requirements are growing up so does the technology. More and call centers in India are focusing on training modules not only for newcomers but also for experienced people.

As the corporate needs increases – there is an increased pressure over the employees to generate productivity and a wider remit of tasks handled in the call center. While call centers in India are putting emphasis on training for voice-module and technical vibrancy, European call-centers are laying stress on the soft skills of call centers. Making the sale effectively and calming angry clients are taking 43% of training time in Europe. This is a micro-level approach and sure to deliver some great results. Time that call-centers in India take some lessons.

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