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Monday, September 22, 2003

About call centers in India

Call centers in India are on upsurge as US and European market is constantly seeking economical services in their drive to reduce cost of operating their business. This has opened fortunes for service vendors who have tapped the burgeoning contact center from west especially USA. Outsourcing to India registered almost 60% jump in the last fiscal. Since professionals in India are good at English and are backed by the concrete Info Tech infrastructure in the country – choosing profession as a call center executive is luring new breed of fresh graduates.

Call Centers in India have shown advantage over their counterparts from US due to some peculiar reasons. Professionals in Indian Call Centers constitutes of youngsters when compared to European and US experts. Eager to learn they are more energetic and dedicated than the professionals from those countries. This gives a distinctive advantage to them for providing better advantage while working at Call Centers.

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