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Monday, August 18, 2003
US & UK amounts to major call center trade in India

There is an outraging debate over last few months - whether outsourcing business services be going offshore (freely) or a ban be imposed on it. The debate has been the center of argument amongst employees in Europe & US, which are majorly outsourcing their back-office operations to India and such countries. While the issue remains under propelling argument - the call-center industry in India is rapidly growing without hiccups. The quality ensured call-center facility in India offers astonishing cost reduction when compared to with US or European standards. Savings of as much as 70% can be accrued by instigating call-center in India.

In the past United States and Britain have been the largest investors in India in terms of outsourcing. With lions share with US, Britain still makes substantial investment in the call-center industry in India. Amongst the major British companies establishing call-center in India are British Telecom & Aviva Bank. British Airways had already setup a call-center in India way back. Microsoft, Oracle, DELL, American Express represents US participation for the extraordinary growth of call-centers in India.

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