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Tuesday, August 05, 2003
US Jobs to India: Courtesy Call Centers

Ever wondered how the white collared jobs from US are shifting to India! There are several firms from US who have more employees in India than locally. Florida based Ocwen Financial Corporation is employing more manpower in Bangalore (India) than its headquarters in West Palm Beach. The emergence of Call Centers in India is a concrete evidence to understand why there is large-scale migration by the companies from US to India.

Let us consider the Call Center Industry in India. Offshoring to India continues to thrive thanks to the world-class quality that outsourcers are able to source from here. And also because of the profile of employees that a call center in India manages to attract and able to deliver. The Call Center professionals in India are far younger, better educated and Call Center jobs in India are considered as a career of choice as opposed to the west where jobs at call centers are something that people choose as a measure of survival.

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