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Tuesday, August 19, 2003
Ocean Connect ropes Scottish instructor for better services

Until yesterday I only knew that India offers talented, academically vibrant teachers to UK. UK imports a huge pool of capable teachers from India. But guess what the news here! A team of teachers (though retired) from Scotland has been flown to India. The purpose? The group of teachers will hone the skills of the professionals working in the call-centers in India (read Ocean Connect). The teachers will be conducting the tests and professionals educations in order to handle UK customer calls. The major job will be to develop accent as well making them aware of the cultural set up of England. With the rise in the Call-centers in India – service provider companies are making extra efforts for sustenance and corporate emergence.

Since the accent in the call-centers requires dramatic changes for offshore clients – there was a sense of urgency amongst call-center to deliver something for upliftment. Moreover there are several other problems on air for Call Centers in India. The major concern is the attrition rate by which the employees quit their jobs. Majority of the call-center pros are found unable to cope the stress build up odd working hours and difficulty in meeting the corporate demand.

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