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Wednesday, August 06, 2003
More growth for Call Centers in India

A case study by US, Florid based Ocwen Financial Corporation, reveals massive exodus of high-level corporate (understood to be white collared jobs) jobs from US to India. India has recently emerged as a most favored destination for outsourcing call center and other relative jobs. This affirms the blossoming of call center industry in India as several giant US companies are continuously shifting their operations in wake to save precious money – they could bank through outsourcing to India.

Call Centers in India provide a highly developed ground for Multinational Corporations by the virtue of highly skilled workforce - and add to it - a very vibrant IT infrastructure. And definitely all this can be achieved at a rock bottom cost as compared to US or Europe. Several top US firms (many from Fortune-500) have their call center operations in India. The list includes major corporate houses like Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, DELL, American Express, Convergys, GE et al. And as the Call Center industry in India is proving out to be an effective cost saving base – the list will comprise many more renowned firms saving costs and delivering to the splendid economical growth of India.

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