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Sunday, August 17, 2003
Indian Call Centers have majority of US clients

US trade pundits are discovering the huge pool of skilled talent available in India a cheap way of cutting costs through outsourcing research and other procedures. This is directly proportionate to the rise of the call-centers in India. With the rapid expansion of business seekers coming to India for cost-effective (quality driven at the same moment) services, the call center industry is gearing up for phenomenal growth within coming years. India already captures almost 66% of the offshore Business Process Outsourcing services business that majorly constitutes of call-centers of major US firms.

Several major companies of the global repute are conducting their call-center operations in India. General Electric employees around 11,000 calling agents and has recently declared to offer call-center and related services to third parties. Besides GE companies such as American Express, DELL, Oracle, Microsoft, HDFC and several others have their call-center facilities in India.

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