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Monday, August 04, 2003
Indian Call Center has an edge above others

If anybody asks me - why India is a preferred destination for call center operations – then there is more than one good reason for its justification. The fact is in no hiding that call centers in India are thriving to new heights day-by-day. News deals, agreements, signings, pacts are becoming news for the Indian corporate economy and the media now has a lot to write about. There are some concrete factors helping to build up the significant call center industry in India. Primarily India comprises highly expert and educated manpower that is able to deliver quality services that matches the international standards.

Another advantage that Indian has gained to lure offshore Call Centers is the favorable policy that the Indian Government has set-forth. The government has allowed duty free imports of capital goods and providing tax exemption on export of IT enabled services. Moreover the cost of basic telecom and Internet services had dramatically brought down due to privatization and other factors. This was amongst the single greatest advantage that drove more and more call centers to India. A well-built IT infrastructure proved that Indian advantage was not balanced on any single factor. But above all it is the cost advantage that India enjoys compared to western countries. Opening call center in India helps any western firm saves about one-fifth of the cost they would incur by operating from US or Europe. Majority of offshore BPO sector is bagged by India (around 66%) if the surveys and economical analysis are to consider.

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