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Saturday, August 02, 2003
Imperative growth for Indian Call Centers

The call center services sector had grown drastically during the last decade in US and Europe. Fixing deals through telephones stuck as the cheapest way to covert conversations into business at a rock bottom cost. In the same league Call Centers in India emerged itself to offer call center services at a marginal cost – than what it takes in US. The emergence of Call Center industry in India was the rise of an establishment – that was determined to break down all its competitors.

Call Centers in India were primarily meant to reduce the cost of contact center facility centers actually incurred. But as the call center sector grew the standard of services also went up. The Indian government showed immense interest to lure more business to India by easing levies format and strengthening the existing communication network. This was a bonus and Call Centers industry in India grew manifolds. Today India is notching more than 50% of the offshore outsourcing market proving its dominance in the arena.

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