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Wednesday, August 13, 2003
Health hazards for call center professionals

There is a whole bandwagon of multinational corps establishing in India especially for Call-Center operations. From GE Capitals arrival in 1997 till date, numerous corporate firms have started their Call-centers in India. These include Microsoft, DELL, Oracle to name just a few. While there is a whole conglomerate of MNC evolving in India the professionals working in such call-centers are coping with hazardous health problems to comply with US working hours.

The growth rate of for call-center in India can be directly proportional to the loosing health of call-center professionals. This sounds very absurd but the US working hours clashes with Indian sleeping time. Approximately 11 hours time difference means to accommodate US operations such as personal calling, the professionals have to work at night. This is creating severe health problems as severe as miscarriage, menstrual problems etc. Besides headache, orthopedic trouble, digestive disorders are very common among such people. Call-centers in India are making some great sacrifices to post an impressive economical growth.

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