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Saturday, August 09, 2003
Call centers coping with attrition

There is no great surprise left over the fact that India offers outsourcing services job at a very rock-bottom cost. Many corporate firms from the US as well Europe are heading India for call center operations – as Indian contact centers can be instituted for a far lower cost. But the impetus is not merely for cost but also quality advantage that India holds over other countries.

Call centers in India – part of the growing business process outsourcing sector – offers huge proportion of English speaking populace - majorly fresh graduates. Many well-qualified workers turn to call centers as the salary is attractive and the job is seen as a good starting point towards a management position. But the stress that these professional has to cope – to meet western deadlines – is playing its toll. The attrition rate amongst the employees had been very high. Though at the moment Call Center Industry in India is doing phenomenal – the future requires some serious measures to keep the attrition rate down and ensure quality driven services.

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