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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
The Call Center Service Sector in India

The impetus of India and China as the major corporate power emerging in South Pacific region is talking itself from the facts. Especially for the outsourcing sector, India and China are the most favored destinations. But purposely on different grounds. While China is the powerhouse outsourcing of production, India is mastering the outsourcing service sector. India boasts close to 100 thousand call center seats compared to China with almost one-third of India. There is no two-theories philosophy that Call-Center in India is the biggest service provider for offshore clients. On the basis of quality-services, efficient manpower and obviously the cost advantage India holds an edge over its competitive rivals for offering call-center services.

Call-center in India is what the Indian experts believe to be the floodgate of the arrival of globalization. The global outsourcing boom has been the source of the strong Call Center Industry in India. Indian programmers are at the epicenter of a global boom in the outsourcing of business-software programming, back office and call center services. India now has 60 percent of the offshore information-technology services market, which consultant Gartner estimates is worth $16 billion.

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