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Monday, August 11, 2003
Call center in India on booty hill

The Call Center Industry in India is in the best position to cater the needs of international companies looking to shift their Call Center operations. While the US workforces are protesting against these shifts, Indian is continuously making an upward trend in this context. This is because of the benefits that Indian Call Center industry provides to its clientele. The offer for doing the same job in India compared to US at about 60% margin have attracted major US and European corporate houses to go offshore. The result is the boon in call-centers in India.

Setting up customer interactive call-center was in-thing in developed nations. But to manage cost for this area of business was a tough task for them. With India lifting its ban on Internet Telephony and such relative services, there is a broad horizon ahead of Call-Center Industry in India. The industry has created a niche of itself whereby Call Center is on the rampage for delivering value added, eminence services in the sector.

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