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Monday, July 21, 2003
US insurance giant Inc., certified in India

Atlanta, Georgia based Inc., has been accorded ISO 9001:2000 certificate by the Indian government for its Call Center and software development firms in India. Inc., have its Call Center in India as well as software development center and after it’s reviewing the companies’ model and infrastructure the certificate was issued them. This was a concrete step for the companies’ progress within India Call Center market as ISO certificate provides recognition and reliability within the market. is the only e-commerce portal for insurance on the internet.

Another major move within the Call Center industry in India came when Britain’s foremost supermarket chain TESCO proclaimed few days ago of opening a Call Center in Bangalore, India. Starting with 350 people, the company will increase its recruitment to 1000 people within one year. Already several UK firms had opened their Call Centers in India. TESCO has joined the league along with companies Aviva, Prudential Insurance, British Airways etc.

Call Center in India have grown along with several BPO services. There is a massive by offshoring service facilities in India. Prudential alone intends to save more than $25 million dollars through outsourcing to India.

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