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Friday, July 04, 2003
Right Track for the Indian Call Center Professional

Call Center is a place from where company experts respond to queries from customers regarding the products and services of that company. Companies usually outsource their Call Centers to companies that specialize in customer relationship management.

E-Funds, Dell, Microsoft all have instituted their Call Center operations in India. This is only due to the fact that India proves to cost-effective country offering abundant of skills through its manpower resources. Outsourcing nowadays is one of the major requirements of the companies. It becomes all more necessary if the company is large with numerous branches of activities.

Professionals in the Call Centers in India have come at par with the service requirements of the international standards. It comes as a surprise to know that India has the second largest English population next only to US. Add to it, the Information Technology structure in India is already strong enough giving Indian Call bound professional a perfect edge for the international market.

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