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Thursday, July 17, 2003
Quality Uplifts Indian Call Center Industry

The Call Center professionals in India are able to provide quality voice assurance – as more and more companies from the west are installing their Call Centers operations in India. The Indian market makes buzz almost everyday with the establishment or expansion of some Call Center or the other. Mega corporate giants have shown immense pleasure of outsourcing their business to India. The New Jersey Bill was overlooked and the outsourcing to India blossomed.

UK-based Harbor Picture has already planned a spoof on the Indian Call Center industry. The Customer Support Executive (CSE) acts as the native residents while making calls to the customers in US or UK or any other part of the world. For this they have to sport some imaginative name depicting to be a westerner. Nigel Cole is likely to direct the movie – the name of which is not yet decided.

Call Centers in India must be thriving due to some specific reason. It’s cost-effective to do business from India. English is highly spoken in India – which is the second largest English speaking country in the world. This is the single most important factor why Call Center outsourcing is favored in India. And not necessary to mention - the very strong IT infrastructure that have been honored highly even at the Silicon Valley. All these factors combined together, makes Call Center Industry in India a success story.

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