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Tuesday, July 08, 2003
Quality driven Call centers in India

GE capitals based in Gurgaon, India reports of greater satisfaction from its Indian Call Center (92%) as against its Call Center in US (85%). Other Call Centers of the corporate firms from US and Europe – plying in India have reported the better quality from their Indian operations than the local ones.

Amongst other factors that helps India offering better services than their western counterparts is the because of attractive salary structure that the MNC are willing to shelve. Call Center in India attracts youngster who posses good command over English – this include people mainly from metro cities. Their accent fits appropriately in accordance to the international standards, thus providing quality driven Call Center services.

Employees at the Call Centers in India are young, dynamic and eager to learn. As a result they can be trained faster, can be easily motivated and are keen to chase targets. As opposed to the employees in US and Europe, who pick the jobs in Call Centers majorly on the part-time basis. The abrasion rate in India is also very low thus ensuring that the trained professionals tend to stay longer within the Call Center industry. This ensures professional approach rather than part timing, low profile rapport.

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