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Saturday, July 05, 2003
Movie on Call Centers: Depicting Indian Buzz

London based Harbour Pictures is planning a comic love story about the employees working in the Call Centers in India. The movie slated for the shoot next year will be directed by Nigel Cole and would emphasize the Indian employees working in Call Centers – pretending to be based in some nearby location. The movie comes on discourse while many British Companies are outsourcing their business activities to India in order to save massive cost incurred at back-office operations.

India is definitely the first choice for the companies looking forward to instigate Call Centers - in a move to reduce cost. Indian Contact Centers offer highly rated services by providing a 360-degree view of each customer in 24x7 environment backed by a latest technologies.

India can save huge BPO cost with the availability of good English speaking fresher – willing to work at rock bottom salaries as compared to employees in US and the Britain. A recent report states, ‘the Philippines is reviving up to become a Call Center and backend office powerhouse. But, first, it has to get in the ring with India, the world's outsourcing heavyweight champion.’ Various likewise report that Call Center industry in India has come to stay for a long span of time. It will take some major shifts to hinder the progress of Call center trade in India.

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