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Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Indian Fundamentals strong for Call Centers

One of the major reason why Call Centers in India are growing is because of the basics of the industry are very good. There is a very strong economic imperative reasoning the growth of the Call Center industry in terms of economic rationale where returns are gradually going higher and higher keeping the domain expertise of the Indian companies in mind. Huge influx of capital is coming to India giving opportunities to the Call Center heads, the employees, the clients and the customers.

The Call Center industry in India looks set for a series of consolidation with several mergers and acquisitions plans in the making. Companies AOL Warner Bros., Microsoft, GE Caps, have set up Call Centers in India to lessen the cost – very imperative for business growth.

Serious Call Centers and BPO players are also having a long-term view as far as growth prospects in the industry is concerned and not only has this emerged as a correct fundamental, but is also guiding the overall growth. United States, Europe (especially Britain) has shown great interest to explore Call Center industry booming in India.

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