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Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Indian Call Center to bulid servicing standards

The Call Center industry in India blossomed no sooner when the onset of western firms tapped the high potential of the Indian Call Center professionals. It actually came to surprise to many in US let alone be in Europe, Asia, Europe, Australia or anywhere. The Indian Call Center industry proved its worth by providing quality assured services with sound technical back-up – all this at a very low cost.

As the Call Center industry in India grew the service pattern also required to upraise its existing status. It is felt that Indian Call Center are lacking in process management. In reality it is not lacking but just a little vacuum that needs to be filled by adopting technical resources that enhances productivity and saves time. Call Centers in India should be adapting advanced servicing tool that saves lot of time, energy and of course money. It’s time Call Centers in India takes a larger step ahead.

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