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Thursday, July 24, 2003
India will be the prime service provider in Asia Pacific in 1 year

Call Center industry in India got a major boost with the announcement of venture capitalist Sequoia Capital opened plans to invest $22 million into 24x7 Customer, a Call Center in India. Based at Silicon Valley, Sequoia Capital has funded major firms like Cisco, Oracle as well as Yahoo. The fund will help 24x7 making major turnovers that may even include acquisition of another BPO firm.

Call Centers in India - ever since came into Indian economic sector - have become a major benefactor of young students eager to make a mark and start a career. The number of call-center jobs in India is expected to expand by more than two-thirds to 158,000 over the next one year. India is set to overtake Australia within a year to become the prime offshore outsourcing service provider in the Asia-Pacific region.

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